9. - 12. 8. 2007  -  HOLIDAY  IN  ADRSPACH  (CZ)

Through the way from South Moravia to Adrspach in Broumov rocks
we visited the Grandmotherīs valley in Ratiborice.
The literary work Grandmother wrote the famous Czech writer Bozena Nemcova.

chateau chateauīs glass-house the other interesting building
garden-house in the chateauīs garden interesting tree/bush wonderfull water-lily
monument of granmother with her grandchildren Lucka with dogs ahead the monument Petra with dogs ahead the monument
stucked tree on the wall  J Veronica with Petra are going J Veronica with Bonnie

On Friday we visited the Rock Town Adrspach.
Some of the rocks remind some things.
And there were filmed the story "The third prince"

sugar cone   tree in the rock ...
interesting rock ...   the twins in the swaddling clothes, glove
elephantīs square carpets devilīs bridge
starosta a starostová small water-fall big water-fall
it was raining in the afternoon ... very nice stream along the way ...
And various views on the lake:
Of course, some pictures with us and with dogs J :
Veronica with Olin Lucka with Bonnie Socialization of children and of puppies J
Freddie with Bonnie Small Aura is sleeping ... Bonnie is waiting - letīs go J
Lucka with shelties ahead of lake Petra with her shelties J Bonnie is posing J
Freddie with Bonnie ... They are so cute ... J Lucka with Bonnie
  And the picture in the end J  


On Saturday we were in the Rock Town Teplice nad Metuji.

deposit of cheeses warm  
very nice small tree stump   watchtower
  And there we went through the Siberia and Underworld ....
  very nice valley  
    pleasing dog and the hand with the icecream
sleaping swan tooth-pick  
water-wave tsunami    
  head of the dog  
  Oh, is it family of Lucka? J  
And some pictures with us and wit dogs again J :
Freddie with Bonnie on the stairs And some posing J
    Bonnie with Freddie in the rocks J
Lucka with dogs Petra with small Aura Aura in the heather J
sweet Aura J Aura is folowing everything J proud Aura J
So ... Letīs go! I am tired ... Veronicaīs Olin
Lucka with Bonnie Petra with Freddie and Aura Veronica with Olin
Petra with Veronica and dogs And we were going ...
... going ... ... going ... ... and going ...
  And Bonnie was folowing everything J  


On Sunday through the way home we visited very nice ZOO in Dvur Kralove ...

  Aura was meeting with this animals for the first time in her life  
  Aura is looking at the chimpanzees chihuahua Olin and small monkeys
    this dogs arenīt the animals from the ZOO J
Lucka with Petra and dogs Petra with Freddie and Lucka with Bonnie waiting Petra with dogs ...
  tired Aura J  

   ... and in the area of the chateau Kuks we saw alegorical gallery of the statues 
which means the humanīs qualities and depravities.
The statues from the second decade of the XVIII. century
were created for the count Antonin Spork
 in the work-room of Matyas Bernard Braun.

chateau Kuks very nice stairs detail
view on the entry to the chateau location of the statues in the area of the chateau
Angel of the blest death Allegory of the humanīs qualities
Angel of  the deplorable death Allegory of the humanīs depravities
The view to the chateauīs garden with the statues, which means the yearīs season and arts


In the end some pictures from our accommodation
and some interesting details from Luckaīs camera

our accommodation outside sitting
upstairs to our room ... beds room
kitchen toilet shower bath
Lucka with Bonnie in the bed J Aura with small bone Aura is playing with the toys
tired Aura ... lying Aura J Veronica is kissing with Aura J
crazy games of Freddie and Aura J
Veronica with Aura and Olin Other family Habr? Unbelievably ...
very interesting night-butterfly ...
Through our way we met very nice cottages from the wood ...
Really, very nice ...

Photos in the end ...

Our holiday was really nice and super.
Thanks very much to owners of comfortable accommodation
Good bye in the future ...